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Other Ceremonies
looking for a different kind of ceremony ? 

For all outward appearances your 
Unity or Commitment or Promise Ceremony 
looks almost like a 
Wedding Ceremony.

You can make promises to each other have a favorite song and exchange a gift - customize it your way
The main difference is, you will not be pronounced as a married couple - 
there are no legal papers signed.

Additions to your non traditional ceremony
Additional products 

            Two witnesses can be provided (24 hr notice - req.)                  $30.00
            Elvis impersonator                       up to one hr                               $150.00

​               with Keepsake split Yin/Yang pendant
               and                                                     Special Ceremony                                                
              10" white/white frosting with 15 in. taper candles
            (like Oprah had for her 50th Birthday cake )   
             The Couple make a wish together and blow out the candles.   
 Can you think of a happier way to infuse positive energy for your life ahead...
and who doesn't remember the magic of making a wish as a child ?


            "LOVEnergy" Painting Ceremony

             The couple creates a painting by pouring paint in 3 individual chosen colors
              to symbolize their Unity.
               The 'one of a kind' energy design painting symbolizes two hearts 
               forever joined.
               Display this original work of Art proudly in your home

                These a 1.5 inch side wrapped canvases , no frame required  
                2 sizes are available                                                                    small      $  95.00
                                                                                                                       medium $ 160.00 

    call:  (800) 393-7270
   Niagara Falls Wedding Chapel on the Lane