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                                                                                         Valentines Day              add 35 %
                                                                                           Valentines Day            add 35 %
Love more images ?
 Purchase10 additional high res digital images         $ 179.95      
 Purchase 20 high resolution digital images                     $ 249.95        
location in Niagara Parks   add'l hr 30 digital images    $ 699.95

  Image transfer VIA internet        $ 30.00 
  Ship album (Canada & US)          quoted by UPS/FedEx$ quoted by UPS or    Canada Post        

About our photographer...

 Like our Officiants, we have only experienced Master Professional Photographers.

In fact, our Photographers are the only Masters Degree Photographers in the entire Niagara Peninsula

What that means for you is, we have the knowledge and know how to help you capture that intimate Elopement, Small Wedding, Commitment or Renewal ceremony.

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 Email us now Niagara Falls Wedding Chapel Here
Additional products 

            Two witnesses can be provided (24 hr notice - req.)                  $ 30.00
            Elvis impersonator                       up to one hr                               $ 150.00

​               with Keepsake split Yin/Yang pendant
                and  Special Ceremony                                                
              10" white cake/white frosting with 15 in. taper candles
            (like Oprah had for her 50th Birthday cake )   
             The Couple make a wish together and blow out the candles.   
 Can you think of a happier way to infuse positive energy for your life ahead...
           and who doesn't remember the magic of making a wish as a child ?


            "LOVEnergy" Painting Ceremony

             The couple creates a painting by pouring paint in 3 individual colors
              to symbolize their Unity.
The painting captures the energy of one of the most important times 
              of your life. Each time you look at the painting, 
              you will remember that energy
               The 'one of a kind' energy design painting symbolizes two hearts 
               forever joined.
               Display this original work of Art proudly in your home

                These are side wrapped canvases , no frame required  
                2 sizes are available                                                  12 " x 16 "  small      $  75.00

                                                                                                       16 x 20     medium $ 150.00



​You are able to bring your own sand or candle ceremony items - 
there is a nominal fee of $20.00 to include it in your ceremony
Niagara Wedding Chapel
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 All rights reserved.
Unity Candle
Niagara Wedding Chapel
Yin Yang Sand Ceremony
 with divided Keepsake pendant *
Wedding Wish 
cake ceremony -

Remembering the happiest times 
Celebrating in your past when you
 " Made a Wish ", 
blew out your Birthday candles 
on your special cake 
and anything seemed possible...

Wonderful addition for 

Family Unity 
Blended Family Ceremonies
ceremony date
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Elegant Custom Designed Silk Bouquets by a Niagara Falls Artist
a 'Forever' Keepsake
​It was a tough decision to choose 20 pictures and also to chose an additional 10. 
So Julie and I have decided to take all the pictures because they are too beautiful and too many to choose from. 
We want to have them all to remember that magical day!

Thank you so much and have a great day!


Jacqueline and Charles

Our wedding was simply amazing! You went above and beyond with every detail !!  
Our photographs are exactly what we were hoping for, what a fantastic job!  Thanks for introducing us to Cathy, there is no one else we would have wanted for our service, she was fabulous!  
We will never forget either of you or our day at the chapel. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts!          Scott and Tammy
" Red Bling " _____medium size
   _bouquets are made to order and may differ slightly, due to availability of materials.
" Autumn " _____ Grande size   _ bouquets are made to order and may differ slightly, due to availability of materials.
" Deep Purple " ____ Grande  __bouquets are made to order and may differ slightly, due to availability of materials.
 " December " ___Medium size  __bouquets are made to order and may differ slightly, due to availability of materials.
" Amethyst " ____ Grande  __bouquets are made to order and may differ slightly, due to availability of materials.
" Deep Blue " ____ Medium size
" French Vanilla " ____ Medium size

Click on SAMPLE bouquet images to see more details and view samples larger
Each Silk Bouquet is individually designed and may vary slightly 
due to materials available.

Contact us  we can work with your color scheme 
(items vary as to what's available)
Masters Degree Photographer

Apply from

 Dec 23
Jan 1 st


The couple is responsible for 
obtaining their Ontario Marriage license
Hi Jacqueline,
Thank you so much again for everything. Our wedding day was perfect and we're so thankful to you both for making it such a memorable day.
                    Emilie & Ian Evans
    call:  (800) 393-7270
   Niagara Falls Wedding Chapel on the Lane
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