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Check out what you can add to your package...Niagara Chapel on the Lane 

Additions of Fresh bouquets, silk bouquets, sand ceremony,unity candle, wedding cake, professional photographs

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  • Brides Bouquet everyday Hand Tied Bouquet  12 Roses Red  ( colour can change if time allows )            $120.00        
                                                                                                                                                               Valentines Day              add 30 %
  • Brides Maid everyday Hand Tied Bouquet  7 Roses Red  (  colour can change if time allows  )                  $75.00        
                                                                                                                                                                 Valentines Day            add 30 %
  • Groom's Boutonniere  1 Rose to match  $ 15.00                                                              Valentines Day            add 30%                      
  • Best Man / Ushers /  Fathers  1 Rose     $ 15.00                                                              Valentines Day            add 30%
  • Mother's Corsages  2 Roses  & bow        $ 29.00                                                              Valentines Day           add 30 %
  • Wrist Corsages                                            $ 33.00                                                              Valentines Day           add 30 %
  • Delivery in to your hotel in Niagara Falls                                                                                                                $16.00
  • Note that Valentines Pricing is additional and starts one week before Valentines Day & goes 5 days after.
Elopement & small wedding ceremony PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY additions
Love more images ?

  Purchase 10 additional digital images image transfer from your Chapel ceremony                                $ 140.00      
  Purchase 20 high resolution images for printing anywhere at any size                                                                   $ 240.00           On location in Niagara - parks, etc additional hour 30 digital images via image transfer                                   $ 325.00         

  In studio Formal portraiture package - Prints 1 8x10 and 2 5x7 color portraits                                                    $ 175.00            
  Image transfer VIA internet                                                                                                                                              $ 20.00            Ship album (Canada & US)                                                                                                             $ quoted by UPS or Canada Post                                                      
   About our photographer...

 Like our Ministers, we have only experienced Professional Photographers.

In fact our Photographers are the only Master Degree Photographers in the entire Niagara Peninsula.

What that means for you is, we have the knowledge and know how to help you capture that intimate elopement, small wedding or renewal ceremony.

Like what we offer ? Email us now Niagara Falls Wedding Chapel Here
Additional products 

  • Two witnesses can be provided (24 hr notice)                             $30.00

  • Candlelight ceremony                                                                       $35.00

  • Unity Candle lighting ceremony                                                     $25.00

  • Sand Ceremony   (see photo *)                                                        $55.00
​               with Keepsake split Yin/Yang pendant
               and                                                     Special Ceremony                                                
  • Plain 7"  Wedding Cake                                                             $45.00
  • ​Plain 10" Wedding Cake                                                          $60.00
  • Real Rose Topper 7"  Wedding Cake                                   $65.00
  • Real Rose Topper 10" Wedding Cake                                  $80.00
  • WEDDING WISH CAKE©"  with Special Ceremony      $75.00
  •  7" white/white frosting with 15 in. taper candles 
  •  (like Oprah had for her 50th Birthday cake - photo below)      

​              WEDDING WISH CAKE© with Special Ceremony       $95.00
              10" white/white frosting with 15 in. taper candles
            (like Oprah had for her 50th Birthday cake - photo below)   
             The Couple make a wish together and blow out the candles.   
 Can you think of a happier way to infuse positive energy for your life ahead...
and who doesn't remember the magic of making a wish as a child ?


​You are able to bring your own sand or candle ceremony items - 
there is a nominal fee of $20.00 to include it in your ceremony

More shopping items available HERE

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Niagara Wedding Chapel
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Unity Candle
Niagara Wedding Chapel
Yin Yang Sand Ceremony
 with divided pendant *
Niagara Wedding Chapel Sand ceremony
  • Brides Bouquet everyday Hand Tied Custom Artist Bouquet  ( custom for you colour  )                            $ 125.00    Grande  
  • Brides Bouquet everyday Hand Tied Custom Artist Bouquet ( custom for you colour )                              $ 90.00     Medium
  • Brides Maid everyday Custom Artist Hand Tied Bouquet    (  custom for you colour  )                               $ 65.00     Small
  • Groom's Boutonniere  1 Rose to match                                                                                                                   $ 15.00           
  • Best Man / Ushers /  Fathers  1 Rose                                                                                                                      $ 15.00                                                              
  • Mother's Corsages  2 Roses  &  bow                                                                                                                        $ 29.00                                                              
  • Delivery in to your hotel in Niagara Falls                                                                                                               $16.00
          Wedding Wish                                                          Rose Topper                                                        Plain
Wedding Wish cake ceremony -

Remembering the happiest times when you blew out your Birthday candles on your special cake and anything seemed possible...
Can also be used for 
Family Unity
Blended Family Ceremonies
The couple is responsible for obtaining their Ontario license
ceremony date
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Elegant Custom Designed Silk Bouquets by a Niagara Falls Artist
a 'Forever' Keepsake
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